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my Kiva loans

September 10th, 2016 at 08:54 pm

Patient Saver's blog entry today about the micro loans through Kiva made me happy. I want to share about the loans I have made, too. Three quarters of my loans are to women; and I've lent to people in 8 different countries. Let's see if I can post the pictures.

Zimbabwe-- These women bought chicks and feed.

This woman in Tajikistan needed to buy goats and bulls for her farm.

In India, a man was beginning to sell solar light in rural areas. Unfortunately, his business failed. He had to sell his supplies and with that was able to pay back almost all the loan, but it was still a default.

This Peruvian bricklayer needed a loan to buy materials to add another room to his own house.

A group of Bolivian streetside hot food vendors took a loan to buy food and utensils. They were four women and four men.

A Cambodian woman took a loan to buy a small motorbike so that her young adult daughter and son could go into the city for earned income.

A Mexican woman has been paying back her loan for the purchase of materials to build a little house.

And in Guatemala, this group of ten woman and one man bought a sewing machine, zippers, and fabric to make clothing.